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Based out of Cleveland, Ohio Transponder Island is a leading supplier for all automotive locksmiths. We know that a great locksmith needs a great distributor on their side. It is our mission to provide that to our customers. With over 20 years in the automotive locksmith industry, Transponder Island knows what it takes to be ahead of the game. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and offering top-of-the-line customer care to all registered users with the backup of a new and improved user-friendly website. is one of the most advanced sources for all of your automotive security needs. We understand that knowledge is power, and by using our fully detailed product search, you will find up-to-date product information on all your search inquiries. We work with our locksmiths to help solve every day locksmithing issues and extend that information to all our locksmiths for better and quicker service.

We offer a low-price guarantee on all our products to get our locksmiths a competitive edge when taking in service calls. Transponder Island is a proud distributor for many of the top brands in the automotive security industry. Brands such as Ilco, Strattec, Advanced Diagnostics, Keyline, JMA, Lishi, and many more have used Transponder Island as one of the leading distributors of their great products. 

Transponder Island recently opened a second warehouse location in Phoenix, AZ. We offer faster and cheaper shipping methods to our west coast shoppers. Same-day shipping and pickup with extended business hours are also available. We have strived to make shopping at Transponder Island easy and convenient.

 At Transponder Island, the wheel never stops turning. Every day we seek to improve our mission by providing more straightforward automotive key solutions. You will discover that our website was developed and enhanced with the customer in mind. We now have launched our website with lots of new features and quicker processing time. 

At Transponder Island, we want to help enhance your business with simple advice that can open many doors to grow your business. Transponder Island Inc. would love to hear your feedback or any questions you may have.

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